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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Adobe Flex Builder 3 released !

Through 4 long beta's we have been waiting for the moment when the Adobe Flex Builder 3.0 got relased... that moment is here now.

Im gonna install it in a test machine to ensure that it doesn't break our projects. There are no reason to believe that anything should be broken on the account of going from the milestone 4 Beta to the release... but no reason to take chances as I more than one time have experienced that making assumptions about something like this can have disastrous consequences.

Anyways... here it is:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FITC Amsterdam 2008 : Immediate post-festival thoughts

Now the FITC Amsterdam 2008 is formally over, remaining is only the Colin Moock, ActionScript 3.0 - from the ground up tour.
Licking my wounds on top of a session filled 3 days (including the pre-festival workshop day) I am confident that I will go next year again. Yes, FITC has announced that they will do it again for sure next year. Good news to us in Europe who struggle to make the non-north-american influence on Adobe's products stronger in an coordinated effort in concretely making the future better in regards to localization of the Flash platform.

Anyways, in short I have met a lot of interesting people here doing great things on the Flash Platform and I have been motivated to make my contribution more significant, seeing that it appears to me that some of the things we are doing at Hello are pretty upfront.

There are many possibilities of making a difference right now since the developer community is just getting started... and I have decided that I want to be an active part of this.

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