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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Daily Motivator : 10 Ways for a Web Worker to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Som en af de der hyppigt ligger i toppen af den ugentlige inddaterings-summering i det firma jeg er tilknyttet tager jeg mig den frihed at dele denne artikel med jer.

Det er helt almindelig viden, men da det efterhånden er påvist udover nogen tvivl at produktiviteten (for slet ikke at nævne livskvaliteten) sænkes såfremt man glemmer at udøve fysisk udfoldelse samt at have et ikke-arbejdsrelateret liv gør det vel ikke noget at minde os selv og hinanden om det en gang imellem.

Passing ArrayCollections between .NET and Flex

When using the Weborb communication server from MidnightCoders there is a shortcoming in regards to supporting serverside deserialization of ArrayCollections. It supports Arrays but when trying to send complex types containing a reference to a ArrayCollection it is necessary to add a classmapping manually.

If one tries to pass an ArrayCollection to the server it will throw an error and the client will handle it without explaining exactly what went wrong. Recieving lists and collections and have them deserialized on the client into an ArrayCollection is no problem, its just the other way around that is more complex.

You need to map the (ClientClass) to the omnipresent Weborb.Util.ObjectProxy (ServerClass).
This can be done wither through the management console (Typically the default webpage of the server) or via the weborb.config residing in the "bin" directory of the server.

Why they have ommitted this classmapping from the default configuration beats me, but the operation is very simple, so it should not pose a significant problem once acknowledged.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Indhold i en af vores standard RUP iterationer

Nedenstående er det overordnede format for iterationer vi arbejder med på et RUP projekt.

1. Assessment og eventuel tilpasning af processen.
2. Vurdering af use cases fra foregående iteration om de skal videreimplementeres i denne implementation.
3. Planlægning af iteration.
4. Implementation af eventuelle kritiske rester fra foregående iteration.
5. Implementation af use cases for iteration.
6. Etablering af baseline (executable, codebase og database ).
7. Review af iterationens resultater.
8. Opdatering af prioriteter samt krav baseret på resultatet af review.

Vi arbejder fortrinsvist med iterationer af 2 ugers varighed og vi oplever at ovenstående giver en god sammenhæng i en iteration og 2 ugers iterationerne giver en gunstig rytme på vores projekter.

Subversion integration for Microsoft Visual Studio

VisualSVN provides simple way to manage changes to source code inside Visual Studio using Subversion.
I have installed it now and is using it for the next 30 days which is the duration of the trial version.
Sofar have all the functionality been flawless, but I suppose its not a surprise as its actually just a integration point to the Tortoise I already had installed. This also means that we still get to use some of the beautyfull windows from the Tortoise client.

I have been frustrated so many times that I could not manage my SVN files so this is a really nice tool to have...
However, I still have not found the DELETE button within VS, so I am wondering if I cant delete files from within VS, and then I must say that I am hesitant in embracing it to much... however, sofar it beats the good old Tortoise by many measures, so I will continue to use it throughout the trial period...

Check it out...

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